CTU says CPS intimidated students who opted out of ISAT testing

March 20, 2014 7:24:32 PM PDT
The Chicago Teachers Union says CPS has intimidated some children at a school over the fact they didn't take the ISAT test.

CPS says it is meeting with students, teachers and staff at Drummond Elementary to ensure students were comfortable when the test was administered last week. The union says kids were pulled into a room and asked questions by strangers.

"It's really unfair to do that to little kids that are being pulled out when their parents have opted them out," said Kristine Mayle, Chicago Teachers Union.

CPS officials say they only spoke with students who wanted to talk with them and students who didn't take the test will not be disciplined.

The test is being phased out and some critics think the time devoted to testing could be better spent on instruction.

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