Grandma alarmed by intruder's response to breaking into her home

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Thursday, September 24, 2020
78-year-old grandma held intruder at gunpoint
The 78-year-old grandmother said she wasn't afraid to hold the man until deputies arrived, but it's why he said he broke in that shook her.

SPANAWAY, Washington -- A 78-year-old grandma made a home intruder think twice when she was not afraid to pull out her weapon to hold him at gunpoint.

Sandy told KIRO-TV she knew something was wrong when her dog "BooBoo" started barking nonstop one night. Next thing she knew, she was face-to-face with the suspect at her door.

"I opened my door and standing right two feet from me, was a man. We looked at each other for a few minutes and he turned and started to leave, and I said, 'Oh no you don't. You stay right there,' and I reached over and got my shotgun and I cocked it and I told him to stay right there because he was going to turn and walk away. (I) told him to go out, sit on the steps. I followed him out, and when he got to the bottom of the step I told him to sit down. I just stood there with the shotgun waiting for the police to come," she said.

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Sandy said she wasn't going to let the suspect get away, as her neighbors have been plagued by suspects casing their homes. She said she has had enough.

"I was totally calm, really, and truly. I thought this is amazing! I said, 'You know, I've got grandchildren your age,'" she said.

Sandy added that she was alarmed with the suspect's answers when she asked him why he had broken in.

"He said, 'Well you know, I was really hoping to get laid.' That perked my ears up. That made me think, 'Oh my God,'" Sandy explained.

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Deputies arrived at her home, arrested the suspect, and said it's thanks to her bold actions they caught him. But Sandy said she's just grateful no one was hurt.

"After he was so meek and mild and sat down like I told him to do. Empowering! I felt like at least I was in charge. I wasn't afraid," Sandy said.