Dozens of cats found abandoned in Lake County house

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

LAKE COUNTY, Ill. (WLS) -- Volunteers are attempting to rescue and put up for adoption dozens of cats that were found in deplorable conditions after being abandoned in a Lake County home.

The group working to help the cats said a landlord in Lake County found more than 30 cats left alone in a house when a tenant moved out. The house was in uninhabitable condition, and the landlord contacted a home cleanup and restoration service.

The owner of the Lake Barrington ServPro business, Tim Pearson, who described himself as an animal lover and pet owner, began reaching out to local animal shelter contacts to help rescue the cats.

Volunteers found dozens of adult cats, a litter of six to eight month old kittens, and a litter of eight to ten week old kittens. All the cats were heavily flea infested, and in need of medical attention, and since the volunteers did not have a large temporary holding space they were unable to remove the cats.

Thursday afternoon, a team of volunteers went into the house and were able to rescue six kittens who are now in foster care, except for one kitten who was taken to a nearby veterinarian for immediate medical attention.

The group hopes to rescue all of the cats and kittens, and are in need of donations for medical care, supplies, cat food and litter. Donations can be dropped off at Pepper Park Coffee at 22000 North Pepper Road in Lake Barrington.