Girl's entire 2nd-grade class attends adoption ceremony after 3 years as foster child

Jasmine traveled from foster home to foster home for 3 years before adoption

ByGeorgia Clark, WAAY
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Girl's entire 2nd-grade class attends adoption ceremony
A Decatur, Alabama girl's entire 2nd-grade class attended her adoption after she spent 3 years in foster care.

DECATUR, Ala. -- A little girl's entire second grade class attended her adoption ceremony in Alabama.

There was a big family celebration in Decatur, Alabama when Jasmine officially joined the Brown family, WAAY reported.

Jasmine's entire second grade class turned out at the county courthouse, where the adoption papers were signed.

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Jasmine came to the Brown family as a temporary placement in February, after living in seven different homes during three years in foster care.

During her stay, she became available for adoption, and the Browns decided to make her the 12th member of their family.

When they asked Jasmine if she knew what it meant to be adopted, she told her new parents it means I never have to leave this house.