Moms welcome babies Johnny Cash and June Carter on same day, at same hospital

ByYi-Jin Yu GMA logo
Friday, April 26, 2024
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HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- Two Alabama families welcomed babies named Johnny Cash and June Carter, both on April 10 and at the same hospital.

Moms Sophie Clark and Nicole Davis told "Good Morning America" they couldn't resist meeting when they both learned of the amazing coincidence -- that their babies were named after the late Grammy-winning country singer-songwriters, who were married from 1968 till their deaths in 2003.

"I was very shocked. I was so excited when I found out," Clark, 22, recalled.

Davis added, "I thought it was a bizarre coincidence. And I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me.' When I realized they named her June Carter and we named our baby Johnny Cash, and that (they were born the same day), it got a little bit more intensified at that point."

Nicole Davis and Sophie Clark both welcomed their babies - Johnny Cash Davis and June Carter Clark - on April 10 at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children in Huntsville, Ala.
Courtesy Nicole Davis

Davis and her husband Johnny Lee Davis Jr. are parents of 12, and baby Johnny Cash Davis is their youngest.

"Johnny is number 12 between the two of us. So, my husband has six from his prior marriage and I have five from my prior marriage, and they range in ages from 21 down to 8," Davis said of her blended family.

Davis told "GMA" she and her husband went back and forth with different names for their baby boy. Eventually, they settled on Johnny Cash Davis, whom they plan on calling Cash.

"We told our co-workers and talked about it with friends and family and everybody agreed Cash is a good name, like that's a great boy name," Davis said. "He could be a baseball player, he could be an astronaut, like Cash could do whatever he wants. And so we really liked it from the second we landed on it."

Clark said her sister helped her and her husband Carter John Austin Clark figure out their daughter June Carter Clark's first name. Clark then suggested their daughter's middle name should be her husband's first name.

"I just started calling her June Carter and everybody loved it. Our families loved it and it just kind of fell into place," the first-time mom explained.

Both mothers delivered at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children in Huntsville, Alabama. with baby June arriving first at 2:30 p.m. and baby Johnny arriving later that day at 9:50 p.m.

Clark said they learned about the Davis family when her husband's uncle, who had been visiting them in the hospital, bumped into and started a conversation with baby Johnny's father in a hospital elevator.

"So he called my husband right after that and told him, and I was like, 'We have to find this baby because that's too big of a coincidence,'" Clark recounted.

Clark and Davis said the hospital staff helped them arrange a meeting with the babies together in their bassinets, and the two moms say they now want to stay in touch and continue meeting over the years.

"I don't imagine there's ever any point in time where we can go separate ways," Davis said, adding, "We're on other ends of the spectrum as far as parents go. We're really far down the road in parenting and they're just getting started. And so yes, I'm very excited about staying friends and making opportunities for these guys to spend time together and grow up together."

"We want to keep them in touch," Clark agreed. "Maybe get some pictures of them. It's too big of a coincidence not to."