Albert the alligator: 11-foot gator seized from upstate New York home

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Monday, March 18, 2024
11-foot alligator seized from upstate New York home
An 11-foot, 750-poud alligator was seized from a home in Hamburg, NY

Authorities in upstate New York have seized an 11-foot alligator from a man's home. Now, the man is vowing to fight the seizure, insisting the reptile is a lover, not a biter.

Albert the alligator weighs 750 pounds.

Owner Tony Cavallaro shared videos of Albert and said his pet is gentle and loves people, especially children.

He says he had a license to own the 30-year-old alligator but it expired in 2021.

Authorities denied Cavallaro's request to renew it, arguing the alligator has serious health problems and should not be kept in a private home.

They say a licensed caretaker will look after Albert until they can find a permanent solution.