Expert gives tips to reduce alcohol consumption during Alcohol Awareness Month

CHICAGO (WLS) -- April is Alcohol Awareness Month.

Alcohol sales have really grown during the pandemic. Some studies show women, in particular, are drinking more.

Kelley Kitley is a psychotherapist. She helps women with their mental health. She also knows first-hand the struggles alcohol can cause. She wrote a book about her own journey to getting sober.

"I'm a mom of four kids and grew up in a very normalized drinking culture," Kitley said. "I found myself drinking the more kids I had, and the more stress that I was under."

She enjoys a good mocktail every now and then. She likes to drink them out of fancy glasses over ice. She recommends flavored sparkling water, juice, and a fruit garnish. Her favorite is lime flavored bubbly with cranberry juice and a slice of lime.

"So much of drinking can be very ritualistic," Kitley said.
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