Chicago woman asks for lifetime supply of turkey bacon on Instagram, gets special delivery

Woman can't get enough of Applegate turkey bacon

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Friday, August 12, 2022
Woman gets delivery after asking for lifetime supply of turkey bacon
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A Chicago woman with the same name as a company that makes turkey bacon, Applegate, got some free product after making an Instagram joke.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Ask and you shall receive: A Chicago woman made a joke on social media about a lifetime supply of turkey bacon, and one company was clearly paying attention.

Brittany Applegate said she can't get enough of turkey bacon, specifically from the brand "Applegate."

Seeing as though her last name is the same as the company, she made a post on Instagram, saying they must be family, and that she should get a lifetime supply of turkey bacon.

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Moments later, the company messaged her back promising a special delivery just for her.

And, a couple days later, she received a huge box of her favorite turkey bacon from Applegate.

"For their community or social media manager to engage with me in such a fun way, and also to close the loop on the customer experience by asking for my address and really sending me many, many packs of turkey bacon, I thought it was amazing!" she said.

Applegate said she's already cracked open her first pack of turkey bacon, and is glad her social media post resulted in some good eating.