Public defender's secretary charged after pot delivered to Loop office

December 1, 2007 5:18:18 PM PST
A receptionist in the Cook County public defender's office is charged after allegedly using the mail to ship marijuana to her office at 69 W. Washington.

As the Cook County public defender's office prepared to close Tuesday afternoon, a delivery came for the receptionist on the fifteenth floor, according to a Cook County assistant state's attorney. In the package, she said, was about 40 lbs. of pot.

Lamour Holloway was arrested Tuesday after two children went to the alley where, prosecutors say, her husband was waiting in a car. Holloway has been an employee for the Cook County public defender for 11 years.

On Wednesday, she appeared in court via video monitor and was represented by a public defender.

The assistant state's attorney told the judge that the U.S. postal service identified the package as suspicious, called police, got a search warrant, then followed the delivery to the public defender's office.

Cook County public defender Ed Burnette said "she is a good employee and a good person. This is not the kind of thing you'd think she'd be involved with.

"We more than anyone else believe there is a presumption of innocence," said Burnette.

Holloway is married to a minister and has two children. Now she faces a felony, which if convicted, carries a possible sentence of four to 15 years.

The public defender says Holloway will remain at the office as she goes through the legal process, but she will be moved to a non public position. Holloway goes back to court on December 18th.