Tender braised pork shoulder in traditional guajillo chile

Peanut sauce (Puerco en Cacahuete) on crisp tortillas with grilled spring onions, shaved watermelon radish
January 7, 2008 8:21:16 AM PST
Serves 6

  • 3lb Pork shoulder trimmed
  • 1/2 cup manteca
  • 1 cup peanuts shelled and toasted
  • 1 Onion medium diced
  • 5 cloves garlic rough chopped
  • epazote leaf
  • 1 guajillo chiles rinsed, seeded, toasted, chopped
  • 16 3 cups chicken stock
  • tortillas fried until crisp
  • 12 baby spring onions trimmed and grilled
  • 5 1 large watermelon radish shaved on mandolin
  • Method and technique

    -Sear pork shoulder, cut into 4 inch blocks, in manteca add to heavy bottom braiser

    -Sweat onion, garlic, chiles, epazote and peanuts in reserved manteca and fond

    -Add chicken stock to deglaze and combine cooking liquid with pork

    -Braise until tender, allow to cool in cooking liquid

    -Remove meat and strain solids from the liquid, place solids in blender and add just enough liquid to puree smooth

    -Pass contents of blender through chinois and adjust consistency with strained liquid, season with salt and pepper

    -Pull pork into large chunks, trimming any excess fat away

    -Just before serving, heat up the pork with the sauce, arrange on crisp tortillas

    -Garnish with shaved radish and grilled spring onions

    Recipe submitted by: Executive Chef Jeremy Lycan

    Niche Restaurant

    Geneva Il, 60134