January 13, 2008: Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan

January 16, 2008 1:12:28 PM PST
Issues discussed include her actions to try to prevent more foreclosures against homeowners who can't afford to pay high-interest mortgage loans.

She successfully fought to keep Emerald Casino from getting the state's 10th gambling license, and we'll ask what she thinks should be done with that license.

We'll also ask about her fight against dangerous toys, and against Bush Administration programs that she says don't adequately protect the environment.

We'll ask about the widespread speculation that she will run for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2010. How would she rate Gov. Blagojevich?

And because she sat next to Barack Obama when both were Illinois senators, and knows him very well, we'll ask why she thinks he has skyrocketed in popularity to become a leading candidate for president, and what type of president he'll be if he's elected.

Also, if she were still a state lawmaker, how would she propose preventing a mass transit January 20th doomsday?