Tech Smart

January 18, 2008 4:55:19 PM PST
Researchers have discovered that a video game can help reduce stress.

Canadian professor Mark Baldwin studied stressed out telemarketers. He had the workers play a game called 'Find the smile" - five minutes a day - for one week. Baldwin wrote in the journal Personality and Social Psychology that the game players reduced the amount of stress hormone, Cortisol, in their bodies by 17 percent.

Also, there is another iPod device that allows friends to share their music. Mi-Share is a bridge between two iPods. By pushing a button, a person can quickly transfer music,videos and pictures. The device will be available later in January for $100.

Now you can give a hug to your Facebook friends. A group of Stanford University computer students have developed a program to do that.

The application allows people to send an electronic kiss or hugs to their friends on Facebook. The project started in class and is now a money-making operation. Ad revenue is up to about $700 dollars each day.

And have you ever wondered what your dog is trying to say? Another group of computer scientists have developed a computer program to translate dog barks.

They claim the application can tell what kind of situation a dog is in by its bark. In testing, the software correctly identified what the dog's bark meant more than half the time.