Chicago dealing with frigid temperatures

January 20, 2008 9:44:46 PM PST
Anyone who stepped outside Sunday felt the dangerously cold temperatures in the Chicago area. Wind chills were well below zero.

People who dared to go outdoors bundled up with hats, scarves and lots of layers, but some who stayed indoors felt the cold, as well. Earlier Sunday, ABC7 Chicago followed crews with the Department of Human Services as they went door-to-door checking on the elderly.

Agency officials have put more workers on the streets to help make sure people are staying warm.

"We've increased our staffing and outreach teams so we can make sure to try and get as many people in from being out in the cold. [We're] also responding to well being checks to make sure people in their home are healthy and cared for," said Jim LoBianco of the Chicago Department of Human Services.