Snow returns to Chicago- but not for long

January 22, 2008 3:07:25 PM PST
The Chicago area woke up to a winter white blanket of snow Tuesday.While a relatively small amount accumulated, it made for a stressful morning commute, travel times on area expressway were high. Several fender benders and spinouts were reported, but the snow cleared quickly.

"Much better than in the morning. Much nicer now. The roads are clear," said Louis Martinez. "I have to get to work today. Not too bad, not too bad, no."

Even those left with the task of shoveling sidewalks and cleaning off cars agreed. It could have been worse.

"We need to try to clear some out, and as soon as you clear it out, it comes back. It's fine. This is winter. I wish I owned a snow blower," said Gail Smith, Waukegan Resident

"It's light, fluffy snow, so it's easy to get rid of," said Julie Freund, Waukegan Resident

In Waukegan, a man was killed when a snow plow backed over him in an apartment building parking lot. The driver of the snow plow has not been charged in the death.