Clinton wins Fla. primary, but no delegates at stake

January 29, 2008 9:03:08 PM PST
Did Tuesday night's Florida primary really matter for Democrats in the presidential race? Hillary Clinton was the big winner. She won 50 percent of the vote, Barack Obama 33 percent and John Edwards, 14 percent. No Democrats will be recognized because the state violated party rules in moving its primary to an earlier date.

"Florida is in the winning column for the Democrats in 2008," Clinton said at a victory rally Tuesday night in Davie, Fla.

Clinton was in Florida thanking supporters who voted for her in the primary. But the problem with that, in the eyes of Obama's campaign, is that Florida was stripped of its convention delegates by the Democratic National Committee for holding the primary too early. Candidates agreed not to compete there, raising questions about why Clinton was even holding a rally.

"Florida does not offer any delegates. It is not a legitimate race. It should not become a spin race," said Obama.

"The Democrats have to win Florida in order to make sure the electoral map works out for us," said Clinton. "And the Republicans have been there day after day, laying in a base, getting their message out. I think it would be shortsighted of us not to pay attention to Florida."

Bill visits Chicago

Former president Bill Clinton was in Illinois Tuesday night for a fundraiser. About 100 people were paying $2,300 apiece to meet the president at a restaurant on North Rush Street in Chicago. Proceeds go to his wife's campaign for president. Mr. Clinton is expected to stay in Chicago overnight and then go downstate to Edwardsville.