Chicago blues legend finally gets Grammy nod

February 19, 2008 3:19:48 PM PST
David "Honeyboy Edwards has been singing the blues for more than eight decades. He has performed all over the world, but he calls Chicago home. Finally, after all these years, he's been nominated for a Grammy.

He's been playing the blues for more than 80 years. Longtime Chicagoan David "Honeyboy" Edwards is nominated for a Grammy at age 92.

"Well, I feel good about that. There's so many musicians out there that haven't gotten nominated, and so I feel good about that," said Edwards.

Edwards is the second oldest of four musicians who were nominated for their performance on a CD called The Last of the Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen.

"When I was young, coming up on the plantation, down south on the Mississippi Delta, we, the boys, didn't have any music but their own. They had to play the guitar, piano, the violins and banjos, and that's the way so many of them learned about the blues," said Edwards.

Last year, Edwards performed in 100 shows all over the world.

"Now I just been everywhere, Paris, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, all over there, and I've been all over Finland," said Edwards.

So how long is he going to keep going?

"I feel pretty good. I will keep going awhile. Yeah, I am going to keep it going, I feel ok," Edwards said.

Ninety-two-year-old South Side Chicagoan David "Honeyboy" Edwards, one of the last of the great Mississippi delta blues men, Grammy nominee.

UPDATE (2/19/08): Edwards won a Grammy award for best traditional blues album. This is his first Grammy.