The Chicago Auto Show opens to public

February 9, 2008 9:12:56 PM PST
With wintery weather on its way back, this is a perfect weekend to visit The Chicago Auto Show. From energy efficient vehicles to retro muscle cars, there's something there for everyone! The Chicago Auto Show opened on schedule Friday morning with Mayor Daley Mayor Richard Daley cutting the ribbon at the official kick-off. The show runs through February 17th and features nearly 1,000 different vehicles.

The big buzz this year is the revival of a 1970's muscle car favorite - the Dodge Challenger.

"This is the 2008 Challenger SRT of which there are only nine-thousand being built and 43-hundred were sold the first day it went on the market," said Wendy Orthman, Chrysler Communications.

With a 6.1 liter hemi V8 that's got 425 horsepower and 420 pound feet of torque, it goes from 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds!

Just about everybody loves the concept cars and this year's Auto Show will not disappoint. This year, they're reflecting the trends - small, light and efficient.

"Something like the Forde Verve concept, it's a small car, kind of bulbous, very aerodynamic and relly sharp looking - that could be the next Ford focus," said Joe Wisenfelder, sr. editor,

The GMC Danali XT Concept is a light, car-based pick-up truck that happens to also be a hybrid.

On the less practical side, there's the Lexus IF -- a concept. This sexy roadster has a powerful engine; 500 horsepower, and a price to match -- $100,000!

The show continues to build on environmentally friendly, alternative fuel vehicles, from many manufacturers.

"We've got the environmentally green displays, as a matter of fact, all the way down to the carpet you're walking on, it's environmentally recycled," said Bob Loquercio, Chicago Auto Show Chairman.

There are family friendly vehicles, like the Chevy Traverse Crossover, and in a time when many companies are phasing out minivans, Volkswagon is showing off the Routan.

If you didn't get your fill of the Hyundai Genesis during the Super Bowl commercials, you can see it up close and personal at the show.

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