Funerals today for 3 more Tinley Park shooting victims

February 9, 2008 7:16:12 AM PST
Funerals will be held today for three more of the five women killed at a suburban clothing store last Saturday.

Investigators were out in force Friday, hoping to find clues in the deadly shooting at clothing store in Tinley Park.

Police officers were combing areas near the Brookside Marketplace. Five women were shot and killed inside a Lane Bryant store there last Saturday.

Investigators were combing grassy areas around the eastbound ramp to Interstate 80 in Mokena near LaGrange and in Tinley Park near Harlem. Police shut down that ramp to traffic Friday afternoon. They also searched a pond and a field within a mile of the crime scene.

Police say they have received no specific tips but are searching several areas.

Investigators were taking advantage of Friday's snow melt, looking for evidence, possibly including the gun that fired the fatal shots.

While it may appear as though there hasn't been much progress in this nearly week-old case, police now say the killer left behind a key clue.

A source close to the investigation has confirmed for the first time that the suspect posed as a deliveryman. When told by the store's manager that no deliveries were expected, he suggested there must have been a mix up, and they went inside to call another location.

The man spent 20 to 30 minutes inside the store, and in that time, he left behind a fingerprint on the front door that police have run through law enforcement databases, but they say they haven't gotten a hit, a possible indication that the suspect does not have a significant criminal record.

"This should not be interpreted as an indication that the investigation has stalled in any way. The investigation continues at a brisk pace, and new leads are being developed every day. To date, there have been 200 tips received on the tip hotline," said Rick Bruno, Tinley Park police.

Police continued to praise the courage of the surviving victim, saying she's been instrumental in helping them understand what transpired inside the store.