Breakfast Club: Louie's Grill

February 13, 2008 7:20:52 AM PST
If you like an old-fashioned, neighborhood feel as part of your breakfast experience, Louie's Grill in Forest Park fits the bill. From the minute you walk in, it's a throwback to another era. There's the open grill behind the counter. The servers are like old friends, and the joint is always jumping! So what's their secret to success?

"Good food, good quality, clean, and happy all the time with the customers," said Louie Politis, Owner, Louie's Grill.

"Friendly service, Louie's always here, the food's great and greasy, just what you need in the morning to get going," said Mark Hosty, regular customer.

"The food is excellent, the service is good and it was well worth coming out in the snow today," said Rosy Lluker, regular customer.

"This is America; everybody comes here to eat, children, old people, everyone and it's fabulous," said Mary Ann Recht, regular customer.

It's that down-to-earth mix that draws regulars from Lombard to Calumet City to this corner diner. Louie Politis just celebrated nine years as owner of the grill that bares his name.

Working since he was 16 in the restaurant business, from his native Greece to the Chicago area, Louie's dream to open his own place is now a reality. He only serves breakfast and lunch, but Louie is here, behind the grill, everyday. His wife Ellen's warm greeting is as welcome to customers as a hot cup of joe on a cold winter's day.

"As long as I don't tell Louie how to cook, we're fine, because I don't know how to cook," said Ellen Politis, Louie's Grill co-owner.

The menu is your basic breakfast fare.

"Eggs and ham, eggs and bacon, mashed potatoes with chopped onions," said Bob Kuhny, regular customer.

Everything is under $10.

"The french toast! The french toast are the best - you've got to try them," said Patricia Evans, regular customer.

But that's what keeps them coming back for more!

"I order the same thing for 27 years, it's one over easy with ham and rye toast and grits," said Donald Recht, regular customer.

Just because Louie's is a no-frills, bacon and eggs kind of place, don't be fooled! There is an art to working this grill! That's just another part of the charm of Louie's Grill!

Louie's Grill
7422 Madison St.
Forest Park, IL