Gunman's girlfriend says he was on 3 drugs, still no motive

Cole Hall to remain closed, geology class to resume
February 20, 2008 4:02:00 PM PST
Cole Hall, the scene of the NIU campus shootings, will remain closed for the rest of the semester.But the class interrupted by the killings will resume next week when students return to DeKalb, according to the chairman of the department who oversees that class.

But the motive for the shootings is still unknown even though authorities have chased down dozens of leads.

Six days after the shooting, police say they are no closer to finding a motive. In fact, police are saying that it appears the gunman took steps to try to conceal his motive. He removed the hard drive from his computer and the SIM card from his cell phone, discouraging news on a campus trying to heal and move forward.

Comforting each other on a bitter cold day, NIU faculty members are attending workshops Wednesday to deal with students' questions when they return while their own grief is still very much on the surface.

Geology 104, the oceanography class where Steven Kazmierczak, 27, killed five students and wounded 16 others before shooting himself, will resume Tuesday. The geology department head said if any of the students are not up to it, the school will bend over backward to accommodate them.

"I expect most will want to finish the class. They are not going to want this incident or this person to take their education away from them," said Jonathan Berg, NIU Geology Dept. Chairman.

Meanwhile, in a second interview, Kazmierczak's girlfriend, Jessica Baty, told CNN her boyfriend had been taking three drugs prescribed by his psychiatrist - Xantax, used to treat anxiety, Ambien, a sleep agent and Prozac, an anti-depressant.

Baty said she tried to persuade Kazmierczak to stop taking one of the drugs, and he did discontinue using Prozac three weeks before the Valentine's Day rampage. Police say she is not a suspect. And they are no closer to finding a motive. In fact, police say, Kazmierczak removed the hard drive from his computer as well as the SIM memory card from his phone to cover his tracks.

"It appears it was intentionally removed. So we can only surmise that he's done things that would not aid our ability to conduct an investigation," said NIU Police Chief Donald Grady.

The FBI says without the hard drive, they don't have any kind of manifesto or writings from the gunman to indicate why or if someone might have upset him at NIU. In fact, they say after interviewing more than 120 people so far, they still have no idea why he targeted the NIU campus.

Classes are set to resume Monday. In the meantime, this place remains quiet, desolate, and anxious about the future.