Girlfriends: Belly Dancing

February 26, 2008 11:26:44 AM PST
Bellydancing isn't just sexy, it's great exercise.

For more information or class schedule, visit www.jadethebellydancer.

Just ask any woman who's taken belly dancing lessons from Jade. By day, she is a human resource executive at a distinguished Chicago area university. But at night and on weekends, Jade is dedicates to teaching bellydancing classes and performing through Jade Fitness & Entertainment. Currently, Jade is producing a line a fitness DVDs called Bellydance While You Work to demonstrate the art of Egyptian and Middle Eastern dance in a fun and funky aerobic format. Jade says the DVDs will show how to combine bellydance with everyday activities -- from house cleaning to driving. She also demonstrates "moves" that anyone can perform at home or on the dance floor.

For her classes, Jade has developed what she calls the Tri-Learning System - Read, Feel, and See the Difference. She boasts that even beginners will feel more confident about the moves you learn by the 2nd week of class. She says her students learn the basic bellydance moves in record breaking time, meet their fitness goals, and increase their energy level!! And it's not all work. To celebrate the last class of each session, Jade treats students to dessert. This gives students a chance to savor the "sweet rewards" of a workout well done.