Teachers protest school restructuring plans

February 23, 2008 5:57:56 PM PST
A protest and rally were held Saturday against plans to close or restructure several Chicago public schools.The teachers union took part in the event at the Rainbow Push headquarters.

Participants argue that the plan would negatively affect schools that have shown improvements in test scores in recent years.

Nineteen public schools would be impacted. Many under-utilized schools would be consolidated, while eight are deemed as "turnaround schools," where the students stay but the teachers would have to reapply to keep their jobs.

"There are several other schools who are not only in our area but in other areas of the city who have scores lower than ours, and those scores have also decreased. Why our school was slated for closing I do not know. I think it is a disservice to our children," said Connie Kelly, a teacher at Robert Fulton Elementary.

The Chicago Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the proposed plan Wednesday.