Man killed in hit-and-run on South Side

February 23, 2008 4:21:46 PM PST
A 48-year old man was killed when he was hit by a car and dragged for a block.Chicago police are searching for the driver who took off from the scene. Authorities hope surveillance video will help in their search.

The hit and run crash happened early Saturday morning on Garfield near Damen.

Saturday evening, area one police detectives had yet to make an arrest in the hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of Bobby Jackson. The investigation is difficult because witnesses to have only been able to police a vague description of the vehicle involved.

The family of Bobby Jackson hopes whoever is responsible will come forward and 'do the right thing.'

Anyone who knew the victim said he lived his life doing the right thing by others. His family hopes someone will return the favor.

"Have a heart. Turn yourself in. Get it over with. If you made a mistake or are scared or whatever, just turn yourself in," said Matthew Jackson, the victim's brother.

Jackson, a father of four, lived with his mother and sister but went out to visit friends. Early Saturday morning, witnesses say he was hit by a speeding car as he waited at a bus stop.

"I was on the way to the store to get some cigarettes, and I saw the police cars. I came across the street, and they were talking about the guy had been hit by a hit-and-run," said witness Sam Ross.

Jackson died at a Chicago area hospital.

Police were looking at images from security cameras in the area Saturday, hoping the images would lead them to the hit and run driver.

Friends and employees at Harlan High School where Jackson worked as the security guard heard the news later Saturday. The school's principal said he hired his former high school teammate two years ago.

"The kids called him 'Busty' because he would not change his ways. If you were doing something wrong, he was going to tell it, and he wanted everybody to do what was right," said Principal Reggie Evans.

As friends mourned Jackson's loss, his family plead for justice.

"Whoever you are, turn yourself in. That would be the best thing, and ask God for your forgiveness," Matthew Jackson said.

Police have looked at surveillance videos from two gas stations on the corner near Damen and Garfield. Authorities plan to talk to witnesses again. They hope they can find someone who will lead them to the hit-and-run driver.