First-time Ill. tax filers can E-file in 2008

March 4, 2008 4:13:56 PM PST
The Illinois Department of Revenue announced the 2008 filing season is the first year that first-time filers can use Illinois electronic filing. (press release)The Department also is launching a new part of their webpage devoted to helping first-time filers maneuver the state and federal tax filing process. "Every year more and more taxpayers discover the ease and convenience of electronic filing," Hamer said. "For the next generation of taxpayers, filing electronically should be as natural as buying a cd on eBay, scheduling their classes on their school website, or sending pictures to friends on Facebook. It is our goal to make sure that the first time they file their taxes they file electronically."

To inaugurate the first year that first-time filers can file electronically, the Department of Revenue launched a webpage that helps young people organize their tax documents, answer frequently asked questions, and invites them to file electronically. The webpage answers questions such as: if I am a resident of Missouri, but earned a paycheck in Illinois, do I have to file an Illinois tax return. In addition to having information for first-time filers, the webpage has a Q&A section aimed at undergraduate students, 80 percent of whom are working through college according to a 2006 American Council on Education study. To visit the site go to and click on "First-Time Filers".

By filing electronically and direct depositing their refund, taxpayers can get their Illinois refund in a week and their federal refund in 10 days. Last year more than 2.7 million taxpayers took advantage of filing their IL-1040 electronically, a 7 percent increase over 2006. In addition to making the filing process faster and more convenient for taxpayers, the E-filing option provides a significant cost savings to the state. In 2007, IDOR saved more than $3.7 million in tax processing costs.

"I encourage our students to take advantage of E-Filing their tax returns," said C. Renée Romano, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. "E-Filing is more efficient for both the students and the Department of Revenue, so it's a win-win. And refunds can be received much more quickly; I know students are interested in getting their refunds as soon as possible."

"It's great to hear that I will be able to file my taxes electronically because our generation is doing everything online. Filing online fits into the way we are doing things and filing taxes will be much less daunting online," said Eujin Kwak, a junior at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign majoring in Accounting.