Teen found in dumpster one of 3 mourned

CHICAGO Police Officer Marcel Bright says the body was found Wednesday afternoon in the South Side's Englewood neighborhood. The Cook County Medical Examiner's office said Thursday that Daniel died of a gunshot wound in the head and ruled his death a homicide.

An anti-gun march and rally was held in the streets of downtown Chicago following the death of another Chicago teenager, Channon Taylor.

Taylor became the 19th Chicago Public Schools student killed this year. Seventeen of the victims died from gunfire.

Another teen, a former CPS student, also died from a gunshot wound on the same day that Taylor was killed.

Fifteen-year-old Marcellus Daniel had been a student at Bronzeville Military Academy until February 1, according to CPS. He'd been out of their system, but the teen - while not counted among the Chicago public school students killed by gunfire - is among Chicago's youth who've died violently.

This is the beginning of a sad ritual. Organizers and volunteers handed out information about gun control and violence in the aftermath of another Chicago child killed by gunfire.

"It is highly important, highly critical that the message remains out here by any and everyone to get involved because one thing you have to remember, gun violence does not discriminate," said Ronald Holt, father of Blair Holt, a teen killed by gun violence.

On Monday, community leaders announced plans to have such a rally at the Thompson Center every time a Chicago child is killed by gunfire. It was only a few days before they started these rallies.

"We need to go down state and say we're tired of losing our children. We're paying them their salaries and we're tired of losing our children," said Rev. Renaldo Kyles, Chicago Public Schools.

"This is the building where legislators do government business out of and they won't pass laws to save our children," said Fr. Michael Pfleger, St. Sabina's Church.

Over the weekend, Channon Taylor was shot and had been on life support. The Community Christian Academy student died Thursday.

Friday's rally was also in memory of a Marcellus Daniel, who was shot in the head and left in a dumpster. His identity was made known just today.

"His mother came and rang the doorbell of our church this morning. He was found shot in the head in a garbage can wednesday night. She had to identify him last night," said Pfleger.

Participants walked past City Hall on crowded midday sidewalks. Their next stop was the Chicago Temple First United Methodist Church. Inside the church, they lit candles for both young men and prayed for peace in the streets.

Friday's rally comes as a Chicago public school student was laid to rest. The funeral service for Ruben Ivy, 18, was held Friday. He was a student at Crane High School and was shot last Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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