Police: NV suspect not Tinley Park gunman

Suspect arrested in Las Vegas area resembles store shooter
Police in the Las Vegas area arrested an alleged armed robber that bears some resemblance to the suspect responsible for the shooting at the women's clothing store, but Tinley Park police say they are pretty sure he is not the man they are looking for.

The suspect -- Enrique Hurtado -- was caught on camera robbing a casino Saturday night. He was arrested Monday after a high-speed chase. Police in the Las Vegas area released the surveillance video to the media and the tips started coming in.

North Las Vegas police say they received several calls from people who say the suspect resembles the composite sketch from the Tinley Park murders. Over the weekend, those sketches were featured on 'America's Most Wanted.'

"So that's why I contacted the Tinley Park police department and I sent them the photos that we have of a robbery suspect," said Mark Hoyt, North Las Vegas Police Department.

There are similarities between the suspect in the Las Vegas area and the sketches. The suspect has braided hair and a similar complexion.

"Other than those similarities, we're treating this no differently than any other lead we have in the case. I know that last night information was forwarded and they were sending evidence to us," said Mike O'Connell, Chief, Tinley Park police.

Tinley Park Police Chief Mike O'Connell says at this point he does not believe they have their man, mainly because the suspect in the Las Vegas area is Latino.

The woman who survived the Lane Bryant attack has made it clear to police that the suspect is African American. But Chief O'Connell says police are taking all leads seriously, and they will continue to follow up on the suspect arrested in North Las Vegas.

"We know where to find this guy. He is in custody. We feel that as information develops that even more closely fits the description of our offender, then we may go out there and talk to him. Right now we don't have any intentions in the next few days to even consider him a strong suspect in the case," said O'Connell.

O'Connell says they have received dozens of new tips since the sketch of the suspect appeared on 'America's Most Wanted,' but they have not had a significant break in the case.

There is a $60,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and charges.

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