Obama rests while Clintons campaign

The former president is travelling with his daughter Chelsea and one of Bobby Kennedy's daughters Monday on a "Hoosier's for Hillary" campaign swing through Indiana, beginning with a colorful rally in South Bend, where they celebrated "Dyngus Day."

As for the candidates themselves, Barack Obama and his family are grabbing a three-day vacation in the Virgin Islands before he goes back on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, where Hillary's already making inroads.

The governor of Pennsylvania, a key ally in a critical primary state, introduced Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia Monday, where she proposed a $30 billion plan to help victims of the subprime mortgage crisis keep their homes in the face of multiple lawsuits and foreclosures.

"The fed can extend $30 billion to help Bear Stearns address their financial crisis, the federal government should provide at least that much emergency assistance to help families and communities address theirs," said Senator Hillary Clinton, (D) presidential candidate.

One of Barack Obama's supporters, Indiana Congressman Tim Roemer, says Obama's plan to help victims of the housing crisis is equally aggressive.

"Senator Obama has been talking about dislocation, the foreclosures, the squeeze on the economy, that is going to really resonate with Indiana voters," said Rep. Tim Roemer, (D) Indiana.

Congressman Roemer was in South Bend Monday, along with former president Bill Clinton, who is warning as he campaigns for Hillary that Obama's opposition to re-vote plans in Florida and Michigan jeopardizes Democratic hopes of winning the White House in November.

"I must say this new strategy of denying and disempowering and disenfranchising the voters in Florida and Michigan is, I believe, a terrible mistake. Hillary believes their votes should be counted. I don't know how we're going to go to those people in a general election and say you've got to vote for us even though we dumped all over you in the primary," said Bill Clinton.

Also Monday, the Clinton campaign admitted that Hillary made a mistake recently when she talked about facing sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia on a 1996 fact-finding mission, when in fact it was a relatively peaceful trip.

The Obama campaign says the misstatement is typical of Hillary's tendency to exaggerate her experience in the White House. Her campaign says that remark is typical of the constant verbal sniping from Obama's people behind the scenes while the candidate is promising a new politics of hope in his public appearances.

On the Republican ticket, presidential candidate John McCain spent Monday in California. He attended a town hall meeting with military families in Chula Vista. This is his first trip to California since he became the party's presumptive nominee. His three day visit to the southern part of the state will include fundraisers as well as roundtable for Latino small business owners and a speech in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

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