Motivational speaker: The biggest handicaps are excuses

The Tyner, Ind., native travels the world as a motivational speaker.

"Being born without arms or legs does not mean that I'm handicapped," said Eastburn. "To be successful in life you have to remove all handicaps. The biggest handicap most people allow to be in their lives are excuses."

Eastburn's achievements over his 37 years can fill a book. In school he played basketball and was a varsity wrestler who placed 4th in the nation. As an artist, he won awards for these two works in pencil and in water color. Being a motivational speaker has led him to a comedy club as comedian.

"The biggest thing is over the 17 years of motivational speaking almost every time I get done with a speech one of the many comments that I get is that you ought to go into comedy," said Eastburn.

Eastburn and wife, Chrisa, have been married for 8 years.

"He's just a regular person. A regular guy and the energy and enthusiasm people pick up on that and you don't see him without arms or legs," said Chrisa Eastburn. "He's a husband. He's best friend and that's how it has always been."

"I think what I've done for others inspires me. I do know that when I'm having a bad day I go do a speech. I come out feeling better myself. I know if it can pump me up it can help others. I'm just glad that God can use me as a tool to help people reach their potential," said Eastburn.

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