Search continues for suspect in drive-by

CHICAGO Stewart was driving near the intersection of 48th and Indiana around 11 p.m. Sunday when a car pulled up and a gunman opened fire. Her boyfriend, who was a passenger in the car, drove her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police said Stewart, who was studying broadcast journalism at Loyola University, had any ties to gangs or violence.

"I don't think anybody has any of the real answers and clues as to how this could happen to such a young person that doesn't have any background with violence, that doesn't have any back grouped with gangs, crime, drugs, anything like that," said Lacoulton Walls, victim's uncle.

Police said Stewart is an innocent victim in a random attack, but her family is having trouble understanding how the attack could be so violent.

"The car was shot multiple times, so it's not like someone was out shooting with no regard," said Mancill H. Stewart, victim's brother.

Minutes after Stewart was shot, two other vehicles just blocks away at 45th and Indiana were shot up. No one was injured in the second shooting, but police believe they may be related.

As officials search for suspects in Stewart's murder, her family remembers a charismatic and ambitious woman.

"She knew what she wanted and she was the type of person that once she set mind to it, she was going for that goal," said Mancill H. Stewart, victim's brother.

The victim had hoped to work for Time Magazine. According to her father, Stewart has been writing since she was a young girl growing up in Oak Park. She attended Oak Park River Forest High School.

"She was fun, she was smart. I'd never seen her study in her life. She always got straight A's," said Mancill Stewart, Jr., victim's father.

"She was a college student, on track to become a journalist. She worked while she was going to school. She is a very responsible young lady," said Walls.

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