Good weather greets Memorial Day celebrations

And the mercury rose to 8 0 degrees as America honors the country's fallen heroes. Chicagoans celebrated outside while they could. Severe thunderstorms were expected to be moving in.

The threat of thunderstorms was not enough to keep people away from the beach Monday. Although not as crowded as other years, those who did take a risk had it pay off.

At 63rd Street Beach, two families sharED their secrets to real, honest to goodness barbecue.

"Once you put the meat on, as long as I keep watering it down, that keeps the moisture in," said Eunice Woll.

"Actually using coals to get that hickory taste by putting chips in the smoke. That's grilling," said Keith Tucker.

At Wrigley Field, it was even more packed than usual. The Cubs kicked off a three-game series against the L.A. Dodges. While the potential for bad weather was never far from people's minds, the game was first and foremost.

"We're going to kill them. We're going to murder them," said Nick Angotti. "We're not supposed to say kill them? It's OK, I'm a minister."

"He graduated from Fort Collins High School two days ago, so that was his graduation present, to whisk him away to Wrigley Field," said Marianne Wisely.

In Little Village, Memorial was celebrated was Latin style with a rodeo, live music, lots of great food and games for the kids all set up along five blocks.

"Just seeing what it's all about, mainly because I heard about the groups that are going to be here but the kids have fun," said Remedios Hernandez.

There were some less-than-friendly clouds in the sky but nothing that indicated a downpour.
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