Doctor hits high notes in Chicago jazz circles

Growing up in Gary, Indiana, he won 51 medals as a trumpet player while attending Roosevelt High School, a record that still stands.

"I get a real good a high in a good sort of way...I just get excited and I really enjoy it playing the music," said Odies H. Williams, III, MD, physician, trumpeter.

For 30 years, Williams practiced his medicine in Gary.

"Seeing the patients all day, it's so relaxing to be able to play music and kind of be able to relax. It's kind of a balance between the two actually," said Williams.

Appearing Tuesday nights at Andy's Jazz Club, he is accompanied by a trio that includes pianist Jordan Baskin.

"I think its incredible," said Baskin. "I mean just the way he gives himself to his community and the fact that he's still playing jazz while still being a doctor is remarkable. (It's) an incredibly large time commitment. "

Recently, Williams released his first CD as lead player.

"It's very gratifying. I feel very good about that."

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