North suburban residents fear floods

Residents in Chicago's north suburbs are bracing for even more water.

"They're saying another four or five days of this...I don't know what to do," said Fox Lake resident Bob Paganucci.

Paganucci is not happy about the fact that he can see his own reflection in his front yard. He even had to build a make-shift bridge just to get out of his house without getting wet. After three floods in the last 12 months, he says he is giving up on having a nice lawn.

"I probably won't have no grass left. This is the third time I have to put the lawn in. I don't know if I want to do it anymore. I might leave it dirt if nobody complains. I will throw the lawnmower away," said Paganucci.

In a quiet Fox Lake subdivision, it's impossible to tell where the lake ends and backyards begin.

"There's been three in the last year. This is probably the worse that I've seen it," said Fox Lake resident Mike Tomasetti.

For the last few days, Rose Pucket has had to trek across the flood waters to run her daily errands. Pucket says she's starting to get used to it.

"We had a bad flood last August. But I think this will be worse because we still have a lot of rain coming down from Wisconsin," said Pucket, a Fox Lake resident.

In addition to heavy rain in Wisconsin, strong winds knocked out power and caused damage throughout parts of Illinois. A home in Kirkwood was blown to pieces and in Crystal Lake crews are cleaning up after several big trees were knocked down. In Fox Lake residents dodged severe wind damage and are keeping a close eye on the weather conditions in Wisconsin.

"Unfortunately, upstream in Wisconsin, there were areas that had anywhere from 3-5 inches of rain that drain into the Fox River watershed," said Kent McKenzie of Lake County Emergency Management.

Lake County officials are hoping that the river will crest in the next 24-36 hours. Storms on Thursday night also caused power outages throughout the ABC7 viewing area. At the height of the storm about 50,000 ComEd customers were without power. The number is down to 4,600 customers, mostly in the western suburbs.

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