Group gives 'trash tour' to highlight garbage

CHICAGO Action Now organized a so-called "trash tour" of South Side and West Side communities. Members of the group took the Chicago media via bus to selected areas that had piles of trash and other debris.

Volunteers were also there to help clean the mess in the Englewood neighborhood.

The group says now is the time to get these communities cleaned up, especially if Chicago wants to win the 2016 Olympics.

"It's really bad when you pass through the neighborhood and you look over and see all this debris and you don't want this in your neighborhood. I don't care if it is Englewood, we want our neighborhood clean," said resident Mildred McDaniel.

A spokesperson from Chicago Streets and Sanitation says over the last two and a half years, nearly 20 percent of all citywide services have been dedicated to cleaning the wards highlighted by Action Now. The spokesperson admits the area is challenging but says city crews are out there cleaning every work day.

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