Murder for hire in the northwest suburbs?

LAKE IN THE HILLS, Ill. In the 26-page amended criminal complaint filed by the FBI Tuesday morning there is no mention of a possible motive in this case. But the document does reveal that the suspect had taken delivery in the past of the same toxin that he is under investigation for receiving Monday. It also says that there had been previous contact between the suspect and federal investigators.

FBI agents arrested the suspect Monday morning at the UPS store in neighboring Algonquin where he picked up his poisonous package. Thirty-five-year-old Edward Bachner was no stranger to the FBI, which questioned him in early 2006 regarding a murder-for-hire plot.

Bachner, according to court documents, allegedly offered $8,000 and an assault rifle over the internet to have an unidentified female killed. No charges were filed in that investigation.

While executing their search warrant Monday, agents wearing hazmat suits found syringes and six empty vials that once contained tetrodotoxin, the same deadly poison Bachner tried to pick up Monday in Algonquin.

Bachner allegedly ordered 98 milligrams from a web site owned by a New Jersey-based chemical company. The government charges that he made the order posing as a doctor representing a fictitious company. The online cost for one milligram is $72, plus shipping. The company alerted the FBI when Bachner paid over $7,000 for his unusually large order, estimated to be an enough to kill 100 people.

Also online, Bachner is listed as co-founder with his father of a small DuPage County-based wireless technology firm.

ABC7 has learned that earlier this year Wells Fargo bank began but later ended foreclosure proceedings against the home that Bachner owns with his wife in Lake in the Hills, the same house raided Monday by federal agents.

FBI agents in hazmat suits were still working outside the Bachner home Tuesday afternoon. Several neighbors told ABC7 that he does still live in this house with his wife. She is apparently a health care worker and has not been charged with any wrongdoing in this case.

Bachner is scheduled to appear Wednesday morning in federal court.

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