ABC's of Back to School: Healthy lunches on a budget

1. Banana hot dog (bun with fiber, 2 tbsp peanut butter, banana, low sugar jelly) pop top can of fruit in juice (store brand) kashi bar

2. Whole Wheat Mac 'n cheese w hot dog (nitrate free - read labels!) organic applesauce chocolate low fat milk (aseptically packaged for food safety)

3. Turkey and Mozzarella sandwich on whole wheat bread w spinach or lettuce a whole kiwi fruit 2 sticks of dark chocolate These 2 options are under $6 per meal (even more economical if you buy the kits on sale)

4. Caesar salad kit (or Mediterranean salad kit) salmon pouch string cheese

5. 4 c Spinach salad with almonds and balsamic dressing low sodium v-8 can banana

Time and cost savings tips:

  • Shop to a list - use the ads to buy ahead pantry and freezer items
  • Shelf stable is also food safe as a bonus to shopping sales for these items
  • Have the kids help
  • Hit all food groups
  • Choose huge nutrients for the dollar spent:
    • Beans
    • Whole grain breads, pastas, crackers
    • Canned and 100% fruit juice/dried forms as appropriate
    • Buy in bulk and make your own snack packs
  • Splurge (or stock up) on healthful shelf stable items:
    • Aseptically packaged low fat chocolate milk
    • Individual packets of dressing
    • Individual fun size bags of treat foods to teach how all foods can fit
Equipment check:
  • Transporting in earth friendly re-usable containers is a cost saver along with an earth saver!
  • Ice packs or thermal/ice pack lunch bags
  • Age appropriate and school appropriate utensils
  • Thermos
  • Salad & dressing containers
You should eat appropriate portions to keep cost per meal contained.

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