Tens of thousands still without power

CHICAGO Utility crews are still working to restore electricity. ComEd says more than 90 percent of power has been restored, but some homeowners are still in the dark, more than 48 hours later.

Some of those homeowners are in the south suburbs. The lucky ones have generators. But others are reporting flooded basements after their sump pumps

ComEd has reported that there are 15,000 still without power as of 10 p.m. Wednesday.

In Lansing and South Holland, residents have said they have been told they will not get power until Thursday evening or Friday morning at the latest. The Walgreen's on Wentworth in Lansing was still closed Wednesday afternoon. However, they have allowed several elderly people to go in the store to get their prescriptions filled when the power is returned.

"We're trying to get our generator down and our full power on. So we're trying to just do that for our customers," said Dennis Francoeur, Walgreen's manager.

Some power lines are still down in Lansing. Paul Stenger and his seven children live in the 179th-block of Walter Street. Stenger said he had to take time off from work to deal with the power outage. He says they have been without power for flee days and rely on a generator to keep their food.

"They said anywhere from maybe 6 p.m. tonight, and it could go a little longer depending on how long it takes them to get around to the area here. As of this morning they said there were over 1,000 customers still without power," said Stenger.

A few homes in South Holland are still without power. Charlie King's home at 170th and Kimbark is one of them. He says this is not the first time he has been without power and his generator has helped to deal with the problem.

"The power company first told us that they couldn't give us a promise on when power would be restored," said King. "But I talked to some neighbors coming past today and I heard 3 o'clock this afternoon. I've heard 11. Well, that's past. "

"I've been without power five minutes going into the storm. And I still don't have power yet. I still -- the house is dark. And it's been very warm. Uncomfortable," said Joanne Corrigan, South Holland resident.

"It's pretty bad. We've been without power since Monday. I have a handicapped daughter and there's one across the street. And they always say that there's thousands and thousands of people without it. But this has been since Monday, so we're probably the last ones," said Linda Lagestee, South Holland resident.

Lagestee said she received a call from ComEd. They told her the reason they have not been to her home is because they thought she had power. They suggested she go door-to-door around the neighborhood to tell everyone that they need to call in to ComEd to let them know that they are still without power.

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