Daley: Aviation official used 'bad judgment'

The Chicago Tribune reported that ComEd delivered a generator to the home of David Ochal during a power outage earlier in the week.

Monday's storm knocked out power to Ochal's home in the 5400 block of North Paris Avenue. By Wednesday, his house and about 12 other houses were still in the dark.

Neighbors say the generator was delivered by men who drove a truck with a ComEd logo. A ComEd spokesperson says there is no such record.

Mayor Daley commented from Beijing where he is attending the Olympic Games.

"It's just plain stupid, just bad judgement, " Daley said.

Ochal made news in 2000 when neighbors complained that his swimming pool caused flooding on their properties. The Chicago Tribune reports Ochal built the pool without a permit.

Ochal had been first deputy aviation commissioner for eight years.

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