More than 30 dogs rescued from suburban home


Homewood police were tipped off that a possible illegal dog-breeding operation had been going on in ahome. When investigators arrived, they found about 30 dogs living in squalor.

"The condition of the dogs was terrible. They were in their own feces and urine. They had no food or water," said Larry Draus of the Cook County Animal Crimes unit.

"As a dog enthusiast, I'm shocked by the condition these dogs were living in," Homewood Police Department Dep. Chief Jim Gannon said.

Police say the boyfriend of the homeowner is the one responsible. So-called 'backyard breeders' can sell designer dogs for $500 or $600. There were also about 15 pit bulls living at the home.

"The pit bulls, we don't know what his purposes were, but many times, when we see pit bulls, what they do is they breed them and sell them to gang members for fighting," said Draus.

The South Suburban Humane Society took possession of all but three dogs living inside the home. The Humane Society is hoping to find homes for all of the dogs after they are cleaned up. The animals will need a lot of care.

"I burst into tears. The first little ones that came out were in pretty bad condition. The little Chihuahuas had their nails so grown over that they were curling back under the pads of their feet. We're going to get them trimmed and get them cleaned and give them all the care they deserve that they didn't get," said Emily Gruszka of the South Suburban Humane Society.

Anyone interested in adopting a pet is asked to call 708-755- PETS (7387).

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