Have you ever been vetted?

Have you ever been vetted?

"Vetted?" said one person. "I don't think so. I don't know what that means."

"To me I think it would mean that your background has been completely checked and your family's background is checked," said another.

"I've never been investigated," said a third man on the street. "Is this the beginning of being vetted?"

Iit seems that during this campaign all we hear about - even on the news- is vetting, vetted, vet.

"They better make sure this has been a good vet."

"It was a very thorough vetting; we're totally satisfied."

"If she wasn't vetted thoroughly there could be trouble."

So the media and politicians throw the word around freely - but do they know where it comes from?

It seems that every presidential election the media just jump on certain buzz words. A bunch of years ago it was spin doctors and then came soccer moms. This year it's all about vetting. But vetting isn't all about elephants or donkeys-- It's about horses. No kidding, it's about horses.

The Noble Horse on Chicago's Near North Side is a combination dinner theatre and stable. Horses from there pull those downtown carriages. And, horses know what vetted means.

"Vetted means when you have the veterinarian come out and check your animal out from top to bottom. You check the teeth, the eyes, heart, lungs, legs, feet, hooves. Any part of the animal that might have had previous damage or problems," said Danny Sugrue, Carriage Mgr. for The Noble. "That's right, top to bottom. Vetted."

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