Flooding creates headaches for travelers

CHICAGO A few feet of standing water stranded drivers on the Edens Expressway at Golf Road after flooding made the road impassable for several hours.

"It looked like it was flat, so I went through, next thing you knew, my engine shut off, I got flooded, my car started filling up with water so I got out," said Cherie Mac, stranded motorist.

Crews worked to clear the sewers, making it possible for the water to recede. It was around 3 Saturday afternoon when the Edens was reopened, first the outbound lanes, then inbound.

But, over on the Kennedy, more problems, as authorities shut down the 190 ramp to O'Hare Airport.

The CTA's Blue Line was also closed.

While some travelers managed to get their flights by shuttle bus, others trapped inside the airport had to resort to other ways to get out.

"I tried to get down to any of the ramps downstairs but all of them are shut off. I imagine it's gonna be awhile before anything changes," said Jim Huslig, passenger.

The rain affected O'Hare both inside and out, delaying flights and affecting airport operations. Terminal Two was evacuated because of flooding.

"The planes are still flying so passengers don't have to stand around. They can go through security in another terminal," said a TSA spokesperson at Terminal Two.

Flight delays Saturday night averaged about an hour at O'Hare, less at Midway.

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