Harvard home is their castle

September 28, 2008 10:00:00 PM PDT
Have you ever wanted to live in castle or own a castle? Who hasn't? We're not talking about some fake Hollywood castle here. We're talking the real thing. A castle with spires and towers and tapestry filled rooms. Well, such a dream exists -- right here in northern Illinois.

There's something eerie about a castle in the rain and mist. You can almost hear the hounds of Baskervilles and see Basil Rathbone coming through the fog. Let me welcome you to RavenStone Castle.

It isn't merry old England or France. Ravenstone is near Harvard, Illinois. RavenStone is home to Jose and Rose Michel.

"I just call it a home. But ... as you can see ... it's an amazing thing," said Jose Michel.

The castle is 4,400 square feet of history from the 1500's. It has taken years for the Michels to build their dream home, which is still under work. The tapestries- from Europe- give the feeling that King Arthur may have slept here.

"It's an idea and a creation that came into our heads and we just went with it," said Rose Michel.

The Michels are in the tapestry business. They buy and sell the fabric art around the world. But they are also in the business of building their castle by hand. And because of their travels they say it's very accurate.

"We take pictures of different places," said Jose Michel. "You know, homes and castles and we kind of look at the architecture."

Just off Highway 23 south of Harvard, this castle is drawing lots of attention. It's also starting to draw customers.

"It's a bed and breakfast. We rent rooms for private parties and tea parties," said Jose.

In the future they will add a ballroom and chapel for weddings. For more information, visit www.ravenstonecastle.com