Wilmette man 'trashes' politicians

WILMETTE, Ill. Presidential elections are often determined by some good old fashioned alley fighting. And, that's pretty much the story behind the Wilmette home of 85-year-old retired IRS agent Emmett Goff. Once again he has turned his garbage cans into can-didates. It's a long time project.

"I was looking at the cans and an election was coming up and I thought ... a perfect foil for these candidates so I went ahead and painted them," said Emmett Goff, presidential trash can painter.

Goff made his first attempt at political track talk in 1984 when Reagan squared off with Mondale. Through the years he has turned every presidential election into garbage can humor. Now, for the seventh time, two more lucky candidates get to have their likenesses galvanized.

"I took a lot of photographs and did the best I could. I took an ear from here and eye from there and then I did some sketches."

Those sketchers are now on garbage cans- Obama on the left side; McCain on the right. But which way does Goff lean? Well, he's an artist. If he loved politicians, he'd probably paint them on canvas. Not garbage cans.

"Well, it's more appropriate," said Goff.

Obama's lid is Democratic blue; McCain's is Republican red. The two cans will stay put for the next four years-- until two more hopefuls meet Goff's paint brush.

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