Gunfire disrupts mail delivery in Harvey neighorhood

October 22, 2008 8:49:36 PM PDT
Regular mail delivery to more than 50 homes in south suburban Harvey will resume Thursday morning after being suspended for nearly two weeks.A U.S. postal carrier reported she was caught in crossfire October 9 near 151st Street and Marshfield Avenue. No one was hurt. Police arrested and charged a 45-year-old man for discharging his weapon.

Postal service spokesperson Joe Aguilar said mail delivery in that area will resume Thursday morning. The police department has agreed to have an officer escort the mail carrier through the route.

Aguilar said that because of the level of crime and issues in the past, the postal service had decided to install a cluster of mailboxes near 151st, 152nd and Marshfield to minimize the time the mail carrier spends delivering mail on that route. The box will be installed by early next week.