Oprah's mystery man identified

Oprah thanks stranger for shoulder
November 6, 2008 3:03:42 PM PST
During Pres. Elect Obama's Grant Park rally, Oprah Winfrey needed a shoulder to lean on. The talk show host said she didn't know the man she sidled up next to and then sobbed on his shoulder during the Grant Park rally. But, she said she's grateful.

On Wednesday's episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Winfrey thanked the man, whom she's calling "Mr. Man" for letting her cry on his shoulder.

Mr. Man was identified by his colleagues as Sam Perry, a campaign worker from the Silicon Valley for Obama office. Wendy Wark, Perry's coworker, told ABC7 Perry is the man. Perry has not been reached.

Winfrey, a longtime Obama supporter, said after months of not talking politics, she feels 'unleashed'.