7 injured in Near North Side fire truck crash

CHICAGO None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

A fire truck crashed into a car and then a building.

It was Engine 4 that was involved, which was responding to a medical call about a block away from the crash location. The truck is base dout of the station at Orleans and Division.

They were heading eastbound on Division when they collided with a car that was going south on Wells. They did have their lights and sirens going.

There were two people in the car, a woman and a six-year-old girl. There were five firefighters on the fire truck.

"Ran out of the way and fell on the ground trying to avoid getting hit by the truck," one witness said.

Building inspectors examined the building for structural damage. The sidewalk and street were blocked off where the fire truck hit the building

The building is a vacant storefront, and no one was inside.

Witnesses say it was a frightening thing to watch.

"He continued to drive and tried to avoid hitting her and while we were standing on the corner we ran and fell trying to get out of the way," said one witness.

"The truck lost control and hit the wall and we thought they were dead," said another.

Fire officials say the incident is under investigation and refused to speculate. But the pavement was wet and slick from the rain, and they say that could have been a factor. The fire truck is heavily damaged.

"They hit this corner but (there's) really no danger to the building right now. Firefighters have gone inside and checked it. It's structurally sound. We're still waiting. We did call the building department just to make sure," said Jose Santiago, Chicago Fire Dept.

Once the investigation is completed, they say it is still possible that they could issue a ticket to the driver of the car.

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