Fans upset about Pattinson event

ORLAND PARK, Ill. The fans wanted one of the coveted 500 wrist bands which would enable them to get Robert Pattinson's autograph. However, a lot of those wrist bands were passed out Tuesday night when hundreds of fans got to Orland Square Mall. That left 100 more who got there at the designated time Wednesday morning very disappointed.

A line formed outside the Hot Topic store as soon as it opened, many waiting to get an autograph from Pattinson, star of the upcoming movie Twilight.

"Rob Pattinson is pretty sexy," said Marissa Mills-Clark, movie fan.

Fans of the books and the Twilight series say Pattinson is the perfect choice to play the lead in the movie, a love story between two teens with his character being a vampire.

"Oh, it's so exciting. It's just amazing meeting your favorite celebrity up close. It's just so surreal," said Dawn Ingalls, movie fan.

But not everyone will get a chance to meet their favorite celebrity and many are angry about it.

"We were so upset. This is an outrage. We all came here to see this guy. And they're telling us that we can't see him because we followed the rules," said Irene Binder, movie fan.

The mall announced it would pass out wrist bands for those admitted to the autograph session at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday to the first 500 people. But a large crowd started showing up Tuesday night so the wrist bands were passed out around 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. Hot Topic says the merchant did so to avoid a repeat of the chaos that happened Monday in San Francisco at a similar Robert Pattinson appearance.

"We made a decision - really in their best interest - to start handing out the numbered fliers. So we handed out one through 500. Once we knew that we had our 500, we started immediately communicating to people that the event was sold out," said Darrell Kinsley, merchant.

The actor will take part in a Q and A session in the mall after signing autographs.

On Wednesday, Pattinson told ABC7's Janet Davies that he still adjusting to the excitement from fans.

"I don't know what I'm saying. And I'm just down there and everyone screams the entire time. They keep screaming. So just mumbling to myself and it doesn't make any difference," said Pattinson.

There are several other stops on Pattinson's press tour before the movie opens next week. Organizers say they feel bad about the fans who missed out on their chance to get the autograph Wednesday morning but they hope that Pattinson's appearance in Orland Park will go more smoothly than it did in San Francisco a couple of days ago.

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