White House Insider Secrets

She gives us the inside scoop to the residence that the Obama's will soon call home.

(Laura Schwartz BIO)-- Former Special Assistant to the President and The White House Director of Events for the Clinton Administration, Laura created and executed more than 600 White House Events on it's 18 acres including State Arrival Ceremonies and Dinners, America's Millennium Celebration, NATO's 50th Anniversary, The UN Millennium Summit, Olympic Celebrations, and of course countless press conferences, bill signings and message events. While producing the President on the world stage every day, leaving no room for error, Laura demonstrated the Presidency's ability to inspire a nation and the world through powerful events.

Today, Laura is a frequent commentator on national politics and its direct impact on the common citizen by defining the line between rhetoric and reality. She also discusses political strategy and the skill of our politicians in finding the right message for their intended audience and its delivery through both high and low profile events. Lecturing at colleges and universities Laura shares "The Power of Your Political Voice" with students and leaders of tomorrow.

Through her company, "White House Strategies," Laura serves as an advisor to young and established corporations, political figures, cultural institutions, social action groups, community organizations and event professionals. She uses her unique experiences and event strategies to generate ideas to develop and deliver her client's messages through business, social and media events.

Laura is based in Chicago and travels extensively both domestically and internationally with her clients, empowering them to unleash their limits by recognizing and embracing their highest personal and professional potential.

For more information about Laura visit whitehousestrategies.com

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