Puppeteer brings characters to life

CHICAGO The art of puppeteering is centuries old. Over the generations, it has been shaped and reshaped by its practitioners.

" When I was a very, very little girl I remember wanting to be when I grew up a cartoon...so starting at the very beginning I was just fascinated by animation not one type of puppets but all types of puppets I just really loved them," said Extract.

Whether controlled by rods or strings, Extract's puppets run the gamut of variety. One lifesize cheetah puppet was inspired by a Lion King production.

"Wherever I was, I would start making puppets in a puppet show. No body does that. And, I found I was very good at it. So, I stuck with it. I've collaborated with so many different people because it is a collaborative art form."

One of her largest puppets is a beluga whale made for the Shedd Aquarium. At 20 feet, it is so long that one part of it can be found in the rehearsal space- and the other part in the workshop.

Extract's puppets also have a multi-media presence, including a TV spot in a commercial for furniture.

Extract is also an actress.

"Yes it takes a lot of courage to get out there and do the things I do, but that's what makes it so fun. It's a challenge, so I really, I don't recommend it," said Extract.

Jabberwocky Marionettes
5838 N Whipple St

Chicago, IL 60659




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