Airports see snow delays

CHICAGO Many stranded travelers spent the night at O'Hare. More than 300 flights were canceled because of the bad weather here and across the country. About 50 flights were canceled at Midway as well.

Karen Pride of the city's aviation department said the airlines were working hard to get their flights back on schedule.

"We certainly have been working very hard overnight at the airports to make sure the runways are clear and the roadways around the airport are clear," Pride said. "But, you know, I can't emphasize enough especially on days like today that people should call their airlines, either contact them online or call them to check on the flight schedules, and also take time. You know, looking at the roadways, it took me over two hours to get home last night. You need to get to the airport at least two hours in advance. You might need to leave two hours before you normally would just to make sure that you get there safely and get there on time."

Pride said she did not know how many of the stranded travelers would get out Wednesday.

"Hopefully most of the people who did have to stay or didn't get on their flights will get out this morning," she said.

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