3 babies rescued from rat-infested home

January 5, 2009 6:10:25 AM PST
Two women and a man have been arrested for child endangerment.Reports of a domestic disturbance brought police to an apartment at 638 North Spaulding Saturday. Once inside, they found a home with no food, heat or running water. The house also was filled with roaches and rats.

Two baby boys were lying on the floor.

It was only during another check of the home that assisting officers heard noises coming from a bedroom. That's where they found a 4-month-old girl hidden between a mattress and a wall.

"I must note that, if it was not for the alertness of the officers on the scene, that this 4-month-old baby probably would have died," said Lt. John Andrews of the Chicago Police Department.

The adults were taken into custody and charged with misdemeanors, but felony charges are possible. All three babies are healthy and are being cared for by relatives.